Forgiveness means never going back to that dark, empty hole that lives somewhere in my heart.

Forgiveness means that I stop putting myself, my healing, my feelings, my needs behind anybody else.

Forgiveness means I no longer live in pain so that you can be comfortable.

It means giving you back your fear and taking back my strength.

Forgiveness means that I don’t look at you anymore.

I don’t feel your energy anymore.

I don’t feel sorry for you anymore.

Forgiveness means that you can choose not to listen, but my voice is heard.

Forgiveness means that I do not own your shame for one more second.

It means that I do not allow your brokenness to break me.

Forgiveness means that it is okay to believe that there are some things that are truly unforgivable.

Forgiveness means that I know that I have value, I matter, and I am lovable.


Photo Credit: John Goraj