Knocking Down the Walls of Silence

A Place Where Healing Begins

The Doll

I am with my Grandfather; I think we are in a Chinese Restaurant. I am very small. I am standing in front of a glass case. In the case, on a shelf, is a doll. She is at eye level.... Continue Reading →

Just a little reminder…

  It is okay to not be okay That doesn’t make you weak It makes you strong Allow yourself to feel whatever comes up to be felt Cry when you need to cry Nurture the hell out of yourself When... Continue Reading →

And Then There was a Man Named Jack….

I met Jack when I was eight years old. I walked in from a hard day of playing outside and there he was.....just sitting at the table, talking to my mom, just sitting and talking to my mom, like he... Continue Reading →

About Me

    For the first 40 years of my life I felt like I couldn't speak my truth. I was filled with shame. Every pore of my essence was filled with a shame that didn't belong to me. I stayed... Continue Reading →

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