Knocking Down the Walls of Silence

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Thirteen Years Old

TRIGGER WARNING!    My mother’s boyfriend is at our house.   He is drunk.  He is always drunk.  My mother is not home.  She is at work.  She won’t be home until morning.  I am very nervous about this.  I am... Continue Reading →

The Beginning Stages of Forgiveness

Forgiveness means never going back to that dark, empty hole that lives somewhere in my heart. Forgiveness means that I stop putting myself, my healing, my feelings, my needs behind anybody else. Forgiveness means I no longer live in pain... Continue Reading →

Moving Forward

I could have stayed stuck I could have made the choice to stay a victim It would have been easier to unpack settle in make victim-hood my permanent residence IT WOULD HAVE BEEN EASIER And it would also have been... Continue Reading →


We build walls around ourselves around our hearts around our souls around our lives Attempting to keep ourselves from feeling discomfort sadness pain VULNERABILITY Those same walls will also dull our joy our happiness our connections our ability to truly... Continue Reading →

At Ten Years Old…

1977 At ten years old life is not half bad. It’s been a year and a half since my Grandfather died and I never think about the things he used to do to me anymore. As time goes by I’ll... Continue Reading →

The Road to Healing

The Path I took to heal wasn’t a straight line with a defined beginning and an end. It doesn’t work that way. It was more of a series of: Dips and Climbs Stops and Starts Zigs and Zags. The healing... Continue Reading →

Just a little reminder…

  It is okay to not be okay That doesn’t make you weak It makes you strong Allow yourself to feel whatever comes up to be felt Cry when you need to cry Nurture the hell out of yourself When... Continue Reading →

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